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We are Brian & Samantha Forrest.

Together we have lost 170lbs and counting through clean eating and exercise but we soon grew tired of the plain food life.

After research, trial and error we finally found a proven way to incorporate “bad” foods, like pizza and tacos, into our meal plans and found that fitness didn’t have to be so chicken and broccoli.  

We are eating foods we used to love in a healthier way and the weight has been flying off, we are stronger than ever, and we are so much happier with the process!

And that is what we are here to show you.



It’s time to finally…


  • Make yourself a priority.
  • Find a balance between life and health and fitness.
  • Learn how to fit fitness in your busy schedule.
  • Learn to eat and cheat with purpose.
  • Ditch those excuses.
  • See what you are made of.

We are committed to giving you the knowledge you need to create a healthy lifestyle. You’ll not only lose weight but also become your healthiest, happiest self.  

From this moment on you have to make a promise to yourself to make YOU priority #1.

Through blood, sweat, and tears we have battled through our own shit.  We are here to give you everything we have learned through our personal struggles and journey to accomplish your goals.

We are taking the guesswork out of this process for you.  Nothing will change without commitment.  This is your gut-check moment, now hand us the wheel!


Meet some of our clients…

Marissa G.

Rachel J.

Amy S.