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3 Day Refresh Results

We are constantly asked about cleanses.  Honestly I don’t really believe in them or like them overall as people use them wrong, are often misguided, and/or just want a quick fix.

But after returning back from Mexico with all the salty, sugary food and alcohol it was a real struggle to get back on our normal routine for food.  We were eating super clean for months leading up to the trip and while we really tried to reign ourselves in while we were there, it was kind of a losing battle since we couldn’t control a lot of it.  Once we returned home the struggle got real.  The salt and sugar had its control over us once again and after a few weeks of eating on the fly and not always the greatest led to a couple of random binges, I just wasn’t feeling like myself.

While I’m normally okay to just pick up the pieces, I could not snap out of this funk this time.  I knew something a little more “drastic” was in order so I jumped online ordered my 3 Day Refresh Kit, and even sprung for the really crazy extra shipping to get it here for the day after my birthday.

I woke up Monday morning feeling completely sick to my stomach.  At first I chalked it up to having a little too many treats on my birthday, but it didnt go away.  I was feeling weak and tired and I knew it had to be something more so I put off starting the Refresh another day.  Woke up Tuesday same feeling so it got put off another day.

Waking up Wednesday it was GO TIME!  I took my weight, measurements, some pics, and WOW I was not impressed with myself.  But I already knew change was necessary so I wasnt surprised.  I was excited to do this for me, it was a fresh start!  

So off I went excited for the reboot.  The 3 Day Refresh comes fully stocked with shakes and a menu to keep you going.  It lays out exactly what you should be having when and on this “cleanse” you EAT!  Which is a huge bonus for me.  I don’t want to just have liquid for days because what goes in one way comes out the same so, no thanks!

To start you drink water first thing in the morning.  Then your day is completely mapped out:

  • Breakfast:  Shakeology & Fruit
  • Mid Morning Snack:  Fiber Sweep
  • Late Morning:  Herbal Tea
  • Lunch:  Vanilla Refresh, Fruit, Veggie, and Healthy Fat
  • Mid Afternoon Snack:  Vegetable and a Healthy Fat
  • Late Afternoon:  Herbal Tea
  • Dinner:  Vanilla Refresh and a Dinner Entree Option
  • Evening:  Herbal Tea
  • All Day:  Lots of Water

For me, all 3 days basically looked like this:

By the end of day 1 I was feeling amazing.  I woke up Day 2 excited.  I could already feel a change.  The bloat was starting to go away, my head was so much clearer, and I felt good knowing I was doing something good to reboot myself.  I lost 6.2lbs from day 1 and I was ready to tackle the day!


I ate the same food as day 1 for a few reasons, budget, laziness, and ease!  We had some veggies we needed to offload from the fridge so those are what I ate.  By late evening on day 2 I started to feel a low grade headache coming on.  It wasnt anything crazy and I knew it was mostly because I wasn’t drinking the amount of water I needed to, so I started to up the water, took a little ibuprofen, and by bed time it was gone.

Day 3 I woke up feeling like a completely new person!  

I felt as if I didn’t even need to finish out the day with the “cleanse” but I did it anyway.  I mean I spent the money on it, right?!  So I ate the same foods as Days 1 and 2, drank a gallon of water, and finished the day knowing I did exactly what I needed to go get back to my normal self.  I did however, go to bed with a slight headache.  Otherwise, I felt amazing!

Waking up on Day 4 I had a whole new outlook again.  I was down almost 9lbs and 6 inches.  My head was more clear and I was most definitely feeling like the goal crushing, clean eating, workout queen I did before we went on our trip in April.


This was exactly what I needed to do to get back to my old healthy ways.  I just needed a small reboot to get the sugar out of my system so it wouldn’t keep its death grip on me for another day.  For whatever reason my will power wasn’t strong enough once we returned from Mexico to just stop.  My body is extremely sensitive to certain foods, they affect my body and mind more than Id really like to admit, but they do.

At the end of the day I’m so happy I decided to do this!  I love this healthy cleanse and DO recommend it for a few reasons:

  • It’s only 3 days.
  • You EAT food.
  • Through Shakeology you receive a lot of amazing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you dont for most typical cleanses.
  • You don’t shit your brains out.  You go to the bathroom regularly days 1-3, day 4 you get a little extra clean out but its not pure liquid like most other cleanses.  For someone like me with chronic hemorrhoids, this is a HUGE thing!  Plus, who wants to poop all day?!

Overall, if you are feeling like you need a little extra help getting into a healthy routine, need a reset, or help getting back on track after a binge, holiday weekend, or just simply not giving a fuck, I HIGHLY recommend the 3 Day Refresh for immediate results!  You can get a 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack HERE.

Or join Fit U for a long lasting lifestyle change and add a 3 Day Refresh to your entrance pack for only $40 HERE.