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Being inspired by change, results, positivity, and helping others is what got us started in this coaching thing from the start. We do it not because we want to, we do it because we have to, this is our calling. We feel through our journey we have gained so much experience and knowledge through the ups and downs, we have an obligation to pass it along and help others.

Believe it or not people are watching you and your journey, shit we are, that is why you have been asked to check this out today. We are looking for inspired, motivated, and badass people to join our up and coming team of coaches on the U Fit Crew.

If you feel the same burning desire to help people as us, why not continue to focus on working on your goals and help others do the same. You are doing it already without knowing you are, so why not get paid in the process, and build a legacy for your family.


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Sam & Brian’s Professional Bio:

Either up front or behind the scenes Brian and Sam have accomplished many things together as Beachbody Coaches. Sam hit Diamond coach level within the first 6 months of business, Brian within his first year. Sam was able to walk away from her typing career within 18 months of coaching, is a Success Club All Star Legend, and has helped hundreds of people get started on their health and fitness journey. Together we have qualified and earned 3 free trips, one cruise, one to Punta Cana, and also to Mexico.



To be inspired is great,
to inspire is INCREDIBLE!