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Deviled Eggs

One of the biggest things holding me back from changing my eating habits years ago was the idea that I had to give up a lot of foods I loved... Continue Reading

Best Collar for a Great Dane

We love our pooches!!  Some would say a little too much, I dont believe there is such a thing.  But for years we have been unable to walk our Great... Continue Reading

Breaking Sugar Addiction

We have been pretty successful in battling our inner demons for a long time and managed to kick our sugar addiction!! We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves…and then we... Continue Reading

Day 1…Again

After 11 days of vacation from our health and fitness goals…5 on actual vacation in Punta Cana with our coach family and 6 days of feeling like shit from said... Continue Reading

Weekend Warriors!

Where are the weekend warriors at?  The ones who stay true to their goals all weekend long, get prepared for the week ahead, and get shit done? Most people on... Continue Reading

Thirsty Thursday

You may have seen the hashtag Thirsty Thursday all over Facebook from your fit friends.  I love it, it helps people be more aware of water consumption!  Your body is... Continue Reading


I dont know about you but I have this habit of looking too far into things and completely overthinking everything!  What I have found is the things I tend to... Continue Reading