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Dear Haters…

Seeing as we have been on a health, fitness, and mental transformation journey we are not strangers to some hate.  People not happy that you are growing past them, changing,... Continue Reading

Our BIG Announcement!

After 20 years of being together, 10 years of marriage, and 3 kids we have decided to get into business together too!  Maybe we are a little crazy but we... Continue Reading

Clean Eating for Beginners

Hi!  Brian and Samantha Forrest here.  We have been through the trenches of health and fitness, combating our own obesity with no real guidance.  We spent years chasing bad diets... Continue Reading

7 Deadly Sins of Stress

On our path to becoming the best version of ourselves, there are often many road blocks. One of the most detrimental blocks of a healthy lifestyle is STRESS. Even though... Continue Reading