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What is LIIFT4?

What is LIIFT4

With the release of our newest program LIIFT4 on the horizon we are PUMPED.  While we don’t have all of the details, we can share what we do know! LIIFT4... Continue Reading

Shift Shop Review

For 3 weeks we were under a transformation with a new program released this July.  We weren’t really sure what to expect but had a general idea.  We dug all... Continue Reading

Tough Mudder for Beginners

This weekend is the big event for us!!  And for weeks, actually more like months, we were going to defer our registration to next year.  Brian has been nursing some... Continue Reading

Day 1…Again

After 11 days of vacation from our health and fitness goals…5 on actual vacation in Punta Cana with our coach family and 6 days of feeling like shit from said... Continue Reading

Weekend Warriors!

Where are the weekend warriors at?  The ones who stay true to their goals all weekend long, get prepared for the week ahead, and get shit done? Most people on... Continue Reading

Thirsty Thursday

You may have seen the hashtag Thirsty Thursday all over Facebook from your fit friends.  I love it, it helps people be more aware of water consumption!  Your body is... Continue Reading