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Four Ways Your Laziness is Costing You BIG!

Four Ways Your Laziness is Costing You Big

It is no secret that we have our health and fitness game locked in, but more recently we have also taken control of our finances and it has really started to hit that all of the changes we have made are really paying off, and laziness is no longer costing us!!

This whole health and fit/finance journey has been an interesting one and one that has had us doing things we had never even thought of doing before, like shopping for life insurance and seeking chiropractic care.  Sure for most people maybe that is something you think is a necessity or just everyday life right? But for two teen parents who never had a pot to piss in, that just was never anything on our radar.  

So while we got the process started with our new financial adviser, Jeff, we were informed we needed to have a physical and our premiums would be based on the results of that.  We were a little nervous coming from being morbidly obese in the past and not really seeking routine medical care. But we started on the journey, set our our physicals, and waiting for the results.  The day finally came when the results arrived in our mailbox and we got our trusty phone call from Jeff. Sam was offered the best premium plus package and Brian really close to that. We were told its because we take care of ourselves and it is actually really hard to get the top tier.  Not gonna lie, we were shocked-it is really hard to get your mind in the same place your body is after a significant weight loss but here we were rocking it, getting amazing rates for life insurance and super happy because of it.

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This got us thinking of other ways little things we do NOW have helped us in other areas of our lives, so why not share right?!  As we started to talk about it we found that there are a few areas of our lives that the habits we have developed for our fit life have really helped save us in other aspects of life, in particular time, money, energy, and our overall health.  Check out four ways your laziness, when it comes to health and fitness, can be costing you!


I cannot explain the hours we have lost between arguing over what we wanted to eat for dinner or running to the store for what we wanted that evening, then cooking, and cleaning it all up that evening.  I mean, can you relate or what? Seriously, it is ridiculous the amount of time most families waste every night doing the same thing, cook, eat, clean. Or worse, not knowing what to eat, or not having the time to cook, ordering food, and then picking something up.  While that may seem beneficial as a time saver in the moment, it actually is not saving you anytime at all, and is seriously costing you your health overall-but that is for another time.

Wasted Time Quote

To get back to the point of saving you time, if you really take just a little bit of extra time on the weekend, sit down, plan out your meals for the week, and prep them ALL, sure it is taking a few hours of your time in that moment but it is saving you literal HOURS throughout the week, we have saved an average of 10 hours a week.  This is because our Sunday is a one and done job. Batch cook, batch clean, DONE. Then throughout the week reheat and go! It has also saved us a lot of time in arguments over dinner, but that is another story! #marriedlife


As we mentioned above we really never thought life insurance was something we could afford, so it was never on our radar.  Then we were completely surprised that is was completely affordable…because we take care of ourselves. Those early morning workouts and the clean eating game saved us a lot of money on life insurance premiums!!  But that is not all it saves us money on, we have saved a lot of money on health care, medications-because we don’t need them, and that is just health care.

Let’s think about all those times we have not had prepped food in the fridge and just ordered a pizza or just ran to the store for something quick to walk out with $100 of useless junk.  That all ads up and fast! Having a system to keep you prepped throughout the week saves you not just time but also money and lots of it!! Our Fit U participants were polled recently and they reported an average savings of $300 a month.  That is a whole car payment!!

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Contrary to what most believe, that exercise makes you more tired, regular exercise can actually INCREASE your energy levels?  A University of Georgia study notes “…we have shown that regular exercise can actually go a long way in increasing feelings of energy – particularly in sedentary individuals.”said researcher Tim Puetz, lead author of the study.  This study finds that low-intensity exercise reduces fatigue symptoms by 65 percent…65%!!  Can you imagine what you would do with a 65% increase of energy? Getting off the couch is sounding better and better isn’t it?!  

That is just one component of a healthier lifestyle…now let’s look at clean eating.  We would say most people we know tend to eat high carb, low protein and minimal fruit and veggie diets (no, we are not judging, we were there once too).  Its just the reality of our society, fast paced lives, convenience foods. We get it. But when you eat high amounts of carbohydrates with minimal amounts of protein and healthy fats, your blood sugar can spike rapidly and then plummet. This roller coaster will wreak havoc with your energy levels.  Adopting a healthier balance of the right nutrients and minerals will boost your energy levels, almost instantly! “It is most critical to eat healthy whole foods instead of highly processed garbage that makes up the typical Standard American Diet [SAD], which is truly sad as the acronym indicates,” says energy expert and author of The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution (Avery, 2013), Jacob Teitelbaum, MD.

This isnt even taking into account all the mental energy we waste arguing over dinner, thinking about food, how we are going to pull it off tonight, etc.  


It is pretty well known that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, and diabetes to name a few but most people don’t think that will happen to them, until it does.  

Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger. A stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort. If your heart can work less to pump, the force on your arteries decreases, lowering your blood pressure.  

Health is an investment quote

As noted by Mercola Fitness, “A review of research, which summarized the findings of 40 papers published between 2006 and 2010, found that exercise affects conditions including cancer, heart disease, dementia, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity and high blood pressure.

Science Daily reports:

“… [A]part from not smoking, being physically active is the most powerful lifestyle choice any individual can make to improve their health.”  Read that again, let it sink in this time…

“… [A]part from not smoking, being physically active is the most powerful lifestyle choice any individual can make to improve their health.”

That is a pretty powerful statement right?  

So, looking at your current lifestyle right now and how you spend your time…

What is your laziness costing you?   Do you need to make a change?       

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