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Parenting with the Forrest’s: Dance Contracts

Its August which means September is right around the corner…and for our household that mean the craziness of the dance season begins.  Our girls are extremely focused when it comes to dance.  They love everything about it!  We love that it keeps them active and out of trouble and our moto is the more time they spend at the studio as they get older, the less time they’ll have to get into trouble!  WIN WIN!!

When I mentioned that registration for the 2017-2018 dance season was this weekend Brian nearly fainted! ha Not really but he did yell out as the girls squealed “I dont think so, you need to make some improvements around here and we will have a contract!”  Crushing their cute little souls…but rightfully so!

Though our girls are role models at the studio, listening well, doing as their told, focused, and truly the best girls, they do struggle with attitudes and chores at home in all the hustle and bustle.  This year we are not taking this lightly.  We are trying to keep the attitudes to a minimum while they are still a little young and let them know they will not be tolerated and as for chores…well they need to learn how to clean and be normal functioning human beings later in life so its time to get started and remain consistent!

So here we are, the dawn of the 2017-2018 dance season typing out contracts for our girls to sign so they are aware of their responsibilities, duties, and the consequences for not completing such tasks.  We will also be filing those contracts with the dance studio so they are aware of our plans for the girls.  While they are really good kids, we know how outside influences can change a kid, case in point US!   But we know through consistency on our end they will be alright and grow into amazing young women with the world in the palm of their hands!

Check out our live video here:


*We will have copies of the contract uploaded soon!