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Being a teen mom was hard AF!

I really don’t know what to expect but naively thought it’ll all work out, all the bills would get paid, and it would never be a struggle…and then reality hit the minute that baby came into the world.  Within a few years we had a second child and life became even harder.  

I was living with an unreliable man child and had to quit my job because daycare costs were going to exceed my paycheck and tap into his.

We ended up having to go on public assistance because one paycheck didn’t meet the financial requirements of our young family.  We were living below poverty level in a shitty house that was falling apart and just when I thought life couldn’t suck any more I became pregnant with a third tiny human. 

We had no business having a third baby, we were broke, so broke!  For fucks sake we didn’t even have a car to take our new baby home in, my mom rented one so we could take our little broken family home over an hour away from the hospital

I struggled for so long as a young mom. So many times I felt isolated and alone.

I felt humiliated every time I had to check out at the grocery store using food stamps.

I felt judged anytime my baby face walked around with my babies in tow.

 I watched my friends graduate college and get amazing careers, other friends were getting married, and some were buying luxury cars.  Yet, I couldn’t even afford to feed my kids.  All these feelings led to a tailspin of anxiety and depression.  

Before I knew it the only comfort in my life was food!
Food took the pain away in that moment.
It was my solace and I found myself later addicted to food and started binging daily.
I would hide food wrappers from my now husband
yes the same once upon a time man child I spoke of earlier.  


Before I knew it my 5’4” frame was tipping the scales at 206lbs at my heaviest (that I knew of).

I desperately wanted to lose weight and look good.
I tried pills, drinks, vitamin concoctions yet nothing really worked and I was stuck.

At the end of the school year of 2014 after running into my daughter at her school she reluctantly told me her friends thought I was fat and ugly.  It was a very hard hitting, yet true reality.  Fast forward just a short time after that, at the end of Summer of 2014, we found food wrappers hidden all over one of our children’s bedrooms.  Instantly I had this pit in my stomach because in that moment I knew I was responsible for this.  Our children were modeling the behavior I had shown them.

I knew then and there I needed a change!

In September 2014 I finally decided to give the whole clean eating and exercise route a go.  I tried a program I started and stopped quite a few times before called Insanity.  I grabbed a group of friends to do it with me.  We would clear out my living room every day and get the work done.

We were all seeing results and it was amazing having the support system!


The weight was slowly but surely coming off.  After Insanity I gave another at home program a go, and then another, and another.  I was down 40lbs and 10  pant sizes!  But I was restricting too much.  I would find myself eating what I thought you had to in order to lose the weight-plain chicken, rice, and vegetables.  But I would soon grow tired of that plain food life and Id be back to my comfort foods like pizza, tacos, nachos, cake, etc.  It was a cycle I just couldnt seem to break.


40lbs really wasnt me at my goal weight or body.

I wanted to put an end to the madness once and for all!  In November 2016 I had a real gut check moment, I looked at myself in the mirror and asked “What is holding you back?!”  I knew immediately it was my deep addition to food.  I started to look at food in a different way; as fuel, but knew deep down inside that the addiction was real.  I took a look at my meal plan and started to plan how I could still eat foods like tacos, pizza, and fries to feel satisfied but get the results I really wanted.

I finally did it, I cracked my code!!!

Once I did that the weight started flying off, faster than ever before.  I had lost an additional 30lbs within just a few months this way!  I started to have confidence, my acne issues were starting to clear up, and I LOVE the whole entire process now.

Because of my life’s experience and struggles along the way
I am dedicated to helping other women learn how to take care of their body, mind, and soul.


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