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Shift Shop Review

For 3 weeks we were under a transformation with a new program released this July.  We weren’t really sure what to expect but had a general idea.  We dug all in for 19 days since we had planned a Tough Mudder a year before.   So here is our journey in a nut shell…

Week 1: 25 minute workouts; normal food plan.  For Sam that meant 2 servings of carbs each day.  For Brian 4 servings.

Week 2:  35 minute workouts; dropped carb servings.  For Sam that meant 1 serving of carbs a day.  For Brian 2 servings.

Week 3:  45 minute workouts; zero carb servings!

Before we started we thought for sure week 3 was going to be killer.  I mean NO carbs!!!  Right?!  But what we found was increased energy, less brain fog, AND we actually were having a hard time eating all of the food scheduled out for us.  The veggie servings were way up in week 3, protein and fats too!  So while we had zero carbs we were actually eating a lot more food than previously.

It was a great program and we really enjoyed the cardio/weight trade off day to day.  What we loved the most was the ore and ab disc!!  Finally some new ways to work the core.  Chris Downing brought it with this program.   And we are loving our results…

Sam lost 10.2lbs and 9″…and Brian down 9.3lbs but he didnt measure yet.  And that was only in 19 days!!!!

We have decided to give it another go and have just started our round 2.  We will be sharing our 42 day results pics…so far we are super impressed and so ready to step it up during round 2!


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