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Meet some of our clients…


Thank you for all the information and everything I have learned in the past month and following your daily lifestyle. I honestly could not believe what the scale said this morning. I myself am in disbelief. At the same time the amount of cash I saved from not running to the convenient store for late night munchies I can almost believe it. I just want to say thank you for helping me kick off what I hope will be a lifelong lifestyle. Who knew clean eating and exercising could do this. I am so happy I finally decided to do this 30 Day Progress


Mary G


Wife and mother of 2 who started because she wanted to make a positive change her in life and get vacation ready and confident and look at her now! So proud of her for committing to her goals and achieving them.


Amy S.


Hardworking wife and mother of 3 who is the example for her family. She is dedicated, driven, and succeeds in anything she puts her mind to, especially her fitness and proved it by crushing her goals in 60 days!.


Crystal H.


We’ve helped our clients:


  • Lose 10-15lbs in their first 30 days
  • Fit workouts into their busy lives
  • Develop meal plans to meet their picky needs
  • Create a new lifestyle to last a lifetime
  • Discover their self-worth
  • Build better relationships with themselves and family members
  • Lose hundreds of pounds overall .
  • Get their family on board.

We have the tools and accountability that you need:


  • We offer health and fitness accountability groups
  • We offer 1:1 support calls
  • We provide guidance with meal planning
  • We have tutorials to help you become a grocery store ninja and food prep master
  • We are by your side through it all


Wife, mother of 2, and high school teacher who took her life back and look at her now!


Lily B.


Girlfriend and mom who absolutely smashed her goals in 21 days.




Wife and Mother of 2 rocking her new bod and new found confidence with her 18 month progress


Rachel J.


Wife and Mother of 2 who had amazing 6 month results with implementing a couple of little tweaks to her already fit lifestyle.


Marissa G


Wife, mother of 3, teacher, and goal crusher who rocked our challenge in 60 days and is still going strong.


Laura L.