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Tough Mudder for Beginners

This weekend is the big event for us!!  And for weeks, actually more like months, we were going to defer our registration to next year.  Brian has been nursing some injuries from last year, and not just Tough Mudder, and he was really hesitant going in.  We want to be at our best health and fitness levels to help others but its hard when you’re injured.  So after some deliberation and coercing from teammates we decided to just give it a go.  So here we are less than 12 hours before the main event getting everything together to prepare for it.  We wanted to create a small list for first timers on what to bring with you when you go!

  1.  A positive attitude! This is the most needed thing for your Tough Mudder experience.  You want to come in with a nothing can break me attitude.
  2. Garbage bags!  And lots of them.  They’re great to out your clean bag into at bag check.  To pack your dirty clothes into after you’re all done.  And best for lining your car seats on your way home.
  3. Clean clothes.  You’ll want to hose off and change after you’ve completed the race.  You can use your new Tough Mudder tee, so make sure to bring a clean pair of pants.  Make sure to bring a sweatshirt for after…that arctic enema has a way of lingering around for a while!
  4. Clean shoes.  Your shoes are going to be DIRTY, so make sure to bring a pair of flip flops or clean sneakers with you for those dirty feet!  Remember itll still be muddy so dont bring your best.
  5. Snacks.  For during and after.  If you have spectators coming along ask them to carry your snacks.  If not, there will be little things throughout the course to keep you going.  You can save your snacks for after!
  6. Money.  There will be souvenirs you can purchase while you are there as well as food and beer after to enjoy!

Check out our Facebook Live video for more on what to expect:

Tough Mudder 2015                              Tough Mudder 2016