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What is LIIFT4?

What is LIIFT4

With the release of our newest program LIIFT4 on the horizon we are PUMPED.  While we don’t have all of the details, we can share what we do know!

LIIFT4 Breakdown:

  • Trainer:  Joel Freeman
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate
  • Program Length:  8 weeks
  • Commitment Time:  30-40 minutes, 4 days a week
  • Equipment Needed:  Light, medium, and heavy dumbbells OR resistance bands.
  • Best For:  Toning/sculpting muscle & fat/weight loss
  • Release Date:  VIP early access starts July 16, 2018, released on BOD in October 2018.

What is LIIFT4?  

LIIFT4 = Weight Lifting + HIIT, 4 days a week

The LIIFT4 workouts are centered around weight lifting to help you build/tone muscle and high intensity interval training so you can shred fat faster.  

With 4 workouts a week that means 3 days off a week which gives your muscles time to rest and rebuild allowing you to push harder on your workout days.

Not only are the workouts only 4 days a week but those workout days are only 30-40 minutes long!!  Making this the perfect program for busy people!

LIIFT4 Results

Probably our favorite part of any program…the results!!  And WOW are they amazing for this program.

LIIFT4 Results ManLIIFT4 Results Woman

LIIFT4 Questions Answered

What is the LIIFT4 Meal Plan?  

The LIIFT4 meal plan includes our favorite way to stay on track with our fit goals…colored portion control containers!!!  It also allows for one cheat day EVERY WEEK!

Clean Cheats Download

There are also TWO different meal plans to choose from:  one for weight loss and one to build muscle.   If you need some help figuring that out, join our FIT U today for the extra support!  

Is Alcohol Allowed on the Plan?  

Yes!  Alcohol is allowed on the plan on your designated cheat days for LIIFT4, in moderation of course!  

What equipment is needed for LIIFT4?

The thing we love most about at home workout programs is the limited amount of equipment needed to get the job done and LIIFT4 is no different.  For this you’ll need

  • 3 sets of dumbbells (light/medium/heavy) OR resistance bands
  • Foam roller (optional)
  • Yoga mat (optional)

The amount of weight for dumbbells and/or resistance bands you’ll need will depend on your current strength.  If you’re not sure an how heavy a weight you’ll need, we can help you out! Just reach out.

What is the LIIFT4 schedule like?

The program is set up to be 2 days of work, 1 rest day, 2 days of work, weekends off which is great for really busy people!!

LIIFT4 Calendar

The good news is this isnt a set in stone thing.  After being on a call with the trainer himself, Joel Freeman, I had the opportunity to ask a very specific question with regards to the calendar (check out the video call below).  His response was that the whole idea of LIIFT4 is to allow for flexibility to fit fitness into your life, not your life around fitness so you can change the workout days as needed to fit into your schedule!

What can you expect from the LIIFT4 workouts?  

LIIFT4 is broken down into two different phases.  

  • Phase 1:  Build
  • Phase 2:  Shred

Throughout Phase 1 the workouts are focused more heavily on muscle building.  There is still a HIIT component during Phase 1 but the focus is more heavily on lifting weights.  As you move into Phase 2 more time is designated to the HIIT component to help you shred and lean out.  

Each and every day focuses on a specific muscle group and every workout starts with lifting first, then HIIT, and every workout finishes with ab and core work.  

And here is our favorite part…you’ll never do the same workout twice!! A new workout was filmed every day for this program, so no repeats, no boredom, only surprises and results!

Is LIIFT4 for Men or Women?  

It is for BOTH!  Ladies do not be scared to lift weights!  Both men and women will get results from this program-HELLO check out those pics above.  If you’re still not sure check out our blog on the Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women!

When is the program released?  

LIIFT4 is being released in two phases:  

  • Early Access on July 16, 2018
  • BOD release in October 2018

Don’t just take it from us, hear it from the trainer himself!  Check out this recording of a call our team recently had with Joel Freeman himself:

Interested in doing LIIFT4 with us?  Join our FIT U Test Group for accountability, support, and guidance TODAY!